Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The beginning of the season

Well, we are considerably past the beginning of the season, and I am considerably behind in the posts that I wanted to put here, but I will try to catch up.

Here's a bullet-point list of items that I will be posting more about:

  • A potato garden now exists with some 1,800 row feet of potatoes.
  • New bees have arrived and new hives have been started.
  • Topbar hives are beginning to appear around the place. How did that happen? (Much more later.)
  • House additions and renovations are complete, including a garage that changes the look of the place entirely.
  • Everything (except the bees) seemed to survive the winter, including the 17 semi-dwarf apple trees that we set out in November.
  • I am becoming anti-apiary. I'll explain later.
  • I read most of Gene Logsdon's The Contrary Farmer over the winter and feel well on my way to becoming a contrary farmer.
  • Tractor-shopping is in my near future.
  • Corn, beans, cucumbers, potatoes -- all up.
  • Cardinals are off to an excellent start. Summer should be fun.
  • Lots of unread books in the stack.
Pictures of a couple of weeks ago are below:

As I said, more later.

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