Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jim Brown talks about plants that are good for bees

Herbalist and Blount County Beekeepers Association member Jim Brown talked about a variety of plants that are good for bees at the last meeting of the BCBA on May 9, 2010.

Brown had an extensive list of plants, and I have included short audio clips of five of the plants that he discussed:

Bee balm

"It's a bit of a spreader, and sometimes the leaves will turn a bit of a gray on you. . . . It makes a lot of nice, pretty flowers. It's a mid-summer bloomer."

(1 minute 22 seconds)


Bees love it as well as cats, and it repels mosquitos.



Rosemary is one of the more common plants that people grow. Bees like the pretty blue flowers, but it blooms at a variety of times -- sometimes early, sometime late. Rosemary, the legend says, is only suppose to grow in the garden of a righteous person. Rosemary does not grown well inside, so don't bring them in your house.



"I've seen a hundred honeybees on a thyme plant over at UT gardens." There are lots of varieties, and thyme is a herb that goes well in just about any recipe. The blooms are tiny, but the bees love them.



Vitex is a great bee plant. It blooms late in the summer and into the fall, and the bees are all over it. It has a beautiful blue bloom that looks a little like a lilac. Vitex grows very fast. It is actually a tree, but gardeners can do a lot with it according to how they want it to look in their garden.


Jim and his wife Delores operate the Honey Rock Herb Farm in Louisville.


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