Sunday, April 27, 2008

Watching the garden grow

The expression "like watching the grass grow" describes something that is slow and boring.

So why do we get so excited at watching our garden grow -- literally. The corn and beans that we set out a little more than a week ago have started to pop up and are making a distinct row. The potatoes that we first put in -- the ones we ordered from Colorado -- are nice leafy plants, and the lettuce is beginning to look like lettuce, albeit very small. We even saw some evidence of my red onions coming through the grown.

And this is exciting?

You bet it is. It's the miracle of growth -- something we take for granted most of the time.

But in our garden, we're partially responsible for it. And that makes the heart beat just a bit faster.

Meanwhile, yesterday we put our a couple of additional things, so now the lineup looks like this:

  • Row 1: potatoes -- bananas, Red Russet, French fingerling (March 31)
  • Row 2: peas (March 31; replanted April 22); potatoes -- Yukon gold (April 7)
  • Row 3: lettuce; red onions (April 7)
  • Row 4: Cherokee Purple tomatoes (western third, April 22); cucumbers (middle third, April 26); potatoes -- Kenebec (April 12)(eastern third)
  • Row 5: Pepper plant (western end, April 26); okra (seed, eastern third, April 26)
  • Row 6: Red and yellow peppers (seed, eastern third, April 26)
  • Row 7: Tomato plants (western end, April 26)
  • Row 13: Beans, half-runners (April 18)
  • Row 14: Peanut beans (ordered); peanut beans (horticulture) (April 18)
  • Row 15: Peanut beans (local) (April 18)
  • Row 16: Candy corn (April 18)
  • Row 17: Candy corn (April 18)
  • Row 18: Candy corn (April 18)

The plan (as if we had one): Rows 10-12 will be white corn, to be planted well have the yellow corn is up and going to prevent cross pollination. The eastern have of rows 7-9 will be pumpkins to be planted in May or sometime. We'll fill in with other things as we find them.

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