Monday, December 17, 2012

BeekeepingDaily: Dec. 17, 2012

A nice profile of Florida beekeeper Robert Bell is included in today's links:

  • Bell, who operates Bell Apiaries, said the reasons for the decline [of bees] are numerous and include pesticides, weather, an illness called Colony Collapse Disorder, and parasites that attach themselves to the bees and kill them. 

The latest from our friends at the Google alter system:

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Beekeeper Buzzing to Battle Decline in Hives |
News Chief
The likes of Fleetwood Mac, Don McLean and Jimmy Buffett subtly pipe through the stereo as he drives along roads outside phosphate mining areas, describing just what it is he does as a beekeeper and how important it is to the survival of agriculture.
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Beginning Beekeeping Course | Keokuk County
Beginning Beekeeping 8 week course to be offered at the Keokuk County Extension Office on Thursday evenings from 6pm to 8pm starting on January 17, 2013 ...