Friday, December 28, 2012

BeekeepingDaily 12.28.2012 - A day or two off

Christmas 2012 is pretty much history.

Unlike two years ago, it didn't snow. It just rained, and then rained some more. That's okay. We needed the rain and will appreciate the outpouring from the skies this spring.

The seed catalogues are beginning to show up, so there is plenty to look at and look forward to.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get at clearing some fence rows at the back of the pasture. It's probably been 20 years since a lot of that has been cleared, and back then it was the cattle that my father-in-law kept that did the clearing.

The cattle are gone, but there is plenty of vegetation -- trees, vines, privet, and the like -- to take their place. If I can convince myself that it will warm up just a tad, I'll be out there.

Meanwhile, here's what the good folks at Google have been gathering for those of us interesting in beekeeping.

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Natural Beekeeping | Walter T. Kelley Blog
When I first started beekeeping folks snickered because I wouldn't treat my bees. I took some pretty hard comments from old time beekeepers and commercial ...
Beekeeping in Western Montana | Walter T. Kelley Blog
As readers have told us they enjoy hearing about beekeeping in areas different from their own, we asked him to tell us about beekeeping challenges in an area ...
Beginning Beekeeping Class at Sacramento County Cooperative ...
Get details for Beginning Beekeeping Class, including date, start time, driving directions and more. Find other - Workshops & Classes events in Sacramento, CA.

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County eases restrictions on beekeeping
Napa Valley Register
The Napa County Beekeepers Association devised some best-management practices for beekeeping, which directs that hives should be kept as far away from neighborhoods as possible to keep them from being a nuisance. The association promotes using ...
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Southeastern CT Now Offers Beginner Beekeeping Class ...
By Bree Shirvell
Denison Farm Market Master and the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center partner up to offer a beginner beekeeping class.
Waterford Patch
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Beekeeping at Home with To-Bee
Beekeeping at home has never looked so good with this new design from students at the Bexalel Academy of Arts and Design.
Blogs1 new result for beekeeping
Ask the Beekeeper: Where Have All the Honeybees Gone? | Care2 ...
Jennifer Sonntag is NRDC's resident beekeeper. Here she talks about why we need honeybees, the issues they're facing right now and what it's like to be a beekeeper in the middle of busy New York City.
Care2 Causes

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Introduction to Beekeeping / February 16 - Fairview Gardens
This beginning beekeeper's class will introduce participants to the respectful and organic ways of keeping honeybees. Overall focus will home in on the unique ...


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