Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baseball playoffs - where's the drama?

  • The final question of the baseball season: Which team will collapse in the World Series?
The biggest disappointment of the fall season has been the lack of drama in the Major League Baseball playoffs.

The Cubs bit the dust after only three games (surprise, surprise), and the Angels, White Sox and Brewers were gone from the division series after four.

Now we have the league championship series, and despite a few heroics from Manny Ramirez, the Dodgers collapsed in front of the Philadelphia Phillies. Now it looks like the same fate awaits the Boston Red Sox tonight, even though they will be playing in Fenway and throwing Dice K at the Tampa Bay Rays.

Since none of my favorite teams (the Cards and, well, . . . the Cards) are involved, I'm not caught up too much in who actually wins any of these games. What I do look forward to, however, is great baseball, lots of back and forth inning by inning, and some fireworks here and there. Unfortunately, there has been too much of what we saw last night with the Dodgers not only losing but kicking the ball around the field as they did it. I understand there was more excitement and more sharp exchanges between Barak Obama and John McCain last night than there were good curveballs from the Bums' pitching staff.

And the outlook isn't good.

The Red Sox don't look like they're in the mood for a comeback, and the Rays don't look like they're in the mood to let them.

The only real question ahead for us -- and I hope I'm wrong about this -- is "Which team will collapse in the Series?"

(Illustration above: Left-handed batters, First Inning Artworks.)

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