Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Writing Wright's fan page on Facebook

Just created a fan page for The Writing Wright on Facebook.

The Writing Wright is a book of essays, quotations and snippets about writing, the language, journalism and the writing life. The book is illustrated with the author's pen and ink drawings.

Doing the fan page once wasn't too hard. I'm sure when I do it again, it will be even simpler.

I loaded a few of the drawings that are in the book into the first photo album, and I'm going to take some screen shots of a few of the pages and put them in another album. I also wrote on the Wall and started a discussion thread.

Before long, I'll figure out how to invite folks to become a fan. Probably won't do that until ordering info comes through from Amazon.

Meanwhile, you can head over that way and see what's up.

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