Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eden's Path

My good friends in Virginia, Chuck and Debbie Warnock, are simplifying their lives. It's a longterm commitment, and they are showing the rest of us what changes you can make in your personal behavior. They've turned off their cable television, they've learned to make no-knead bread (good stuff), and Chuck has switched to the same kind of razor his dad (and mine) used.

They're recording their journey in a new blog called Eden's Path. Good stuff. Highly recommended.

Now, they need to start keeping bees.

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Chuck Warnock said...

Hey, Jim,
Well, you're partly to blame for all of this. We love the photos of the farm, and have followed your bee keeping adventure. We might just put in a hive or two, but we need to talk first. Glad your bees are well, not to mention you and Sally! -- Chuck