Saturday, May 26, 2007

BeeCare: a site for the novice beekeeper is one of the richest site for information on beekeeping that you will find anywhere on the web. The site is set up to sell products associated with beekeeping, but it contains a vast amount of information about those products and how they are used. And it has pictures, which is extremely helpful to new beekeepers who are struggled with all the new terms they have to learn.

The site is produced by Mark Jones of Leander, TX, near Austin. In explaining why he started the site, Mark says, “As an individual beekeeper, I had been frustrated by the lack of emphasis on the specialized needs of the hobbyist and the lack of support I continued to encounter with other vendors. So at BeeCARE, we try to follow the directive ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’ I strive to have this principle guide our customer support, product development and selection, and our daily business decisions.”

The site’s design could be improved. It’s not particularly easy to navigate, and there is always the feeling that you might be missing something the site has to offer. Still, the site is well worth the time, once you develop a feel for it. Just about every aspect of beekeeping is covered with well written and good-humored prose. And, as I said, there are pictures that are extremely informative and helpful. This is a site I would definitely recommend to all beekeepers, rookies and veterans.

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