Saturday, February 10, 2007

Beginning the hive

Howard Kerr and I got together, finally, today. Howard gave me a two-hour seminar on beekeeping while he was selling me the first parts of the two hives that I plan to have this year. I bought the parts for three hive boxes and 30 frames, which is only half the boxes and frames I will need for two hives. But that will get me started.

I'm planning on putting some of them together tomorrow. Stay tuned. Maybe there will be pictures.

Howard has been keeping bees for 35 years. He is self described as "very opinionated" about a lot of things having to do with beekeeping. But he says what everyone else has said about the "right" way to keep bees: "Every beekeeper will tell you something different."

I suspect that if there was a single, "right" way to do this, it wouldn't be nearly as interesting.

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JP said...


Love your posts. I spent the winter renovating an old bee hive and building another. I read two books, watched a video series and combed the internet for hours. I thought that I was probably an expert...until the bees arrived. Now that I have bees on the hives, I feel like the "rank amateur" you mention in your first post! Thanks for the informative site, I'm enjoying reading through it. John